Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't poke an angry beast!

To all those global warming skeptics who have withdrawn from its denial to diminishing its threats, I would like to quote this:

"There is no proof that global warming will cause a megadrought, or a sudden sea-level rise for that matter. There is only a reasonable argument based on common sense - and on a metaphor. We have learned that Earth's climate has been capable of megadroughts and other extreme and abrupt fluctuations in the past, when given only a small push by the sun or by the Milankovic cycles. It seems prudent to avoid giving climate a big push. If you're in a tippy canoe, you shouldn't dance - that's Richard Alley's version of the metaphor. If you're living with an angry beast, you shouldn't poke it with a sharp stick - that's Broecker's own favorite."

Wallace Broecker and Robert Kunzig, "CO2 - Fixing Climate", chapter "The drying of the future".

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