Monday, July 23, 2007

The ideal of communism

I know that Communism has done a lot of harm in the past and still does, and for that it is hated and feared by capitalists, especially in America. I believe this is because its original ideas have been betrayed by communists leaders, who as human beings have been corrupted by power. But I still believe like Howard Zinn ("Passionate Declarations", chapter "Communism and anti-communism") in this ideal:

"The ideal of communism - a classless society of equal abundance for all, based on highly developed technology, a very short workday, and, therefore, the possibility of real freedom for individuals to develop their aesthetic and personal interests as they like; a society free of the coercive apparatus of the state, organized by associated collectives, based on workplaces and neighborhoods, repudiating racial or sexual supremacy; a genuine participatory democracy, with full opportunity for free expression of all ideas, devoid of national hatreds, national boundaries, and war - this remains a wonderful goal.
Karl Max, I believe, envisioned such a society. Millions of people in the world have been inspired by that ideal and have been willing to sacrifice and risk all for it."

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Daniel said...

"as human beings have been corrupted by power"
Maybe we should try to let computers organise & govern the human society ?

But who will get the keys of the BIOS ? :-)