Friday, December 28, 2007

Winds of change:

"What seemed so evident to early readers of Small is beautiful still seems painfully opaque to the world today. When the book was first published, many thought that change would come about through insight, logic, compassion, and reason. Increasingly, it seems that change will come about after we have exhausted every other theory of greed and gain, and the winds of change are no longer metaporical, but force five hurricanes destroying whole regions.
That the world should become so immune to its own losses seemed inconceivable 25 years ago. Now that we have re-learned how remarkably obtuse humankind can be when dazzled by monetary and material gain, we must shine the light all the brighter on the singularity and prescience of Schumacher's work and vision."

Paul Hawken, commenting Small is beautiful, by E. F. Schumacher, in the 2000 edition.

Although the link between hurricanes intensity and frequency and global warming is still controversial scientifically and the subject of active research, I find the parallel with the phrase "winds of change" quite appealing. And anyway there are many other threats posed by global warming that justify the above quote.

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