Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The threat of fanaticism

After talking about the surprise that World War I was to the European people that believed war was passé because of the intricate economic relationships between European countries, Jeffrey Sachs continues with:

"It may seem impossible to conceive of such a cataclysm today, yet the widening arc of war and vituperation, often pitting U.S. foreign policy against global public opinion, reminds us daily of a growing threat to global peace. Today's worry is not only the violence itself but also the messianic fervor with which various combatants are waging their battles. President George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, and the suicide bombers all claim God's guidance as they launch their attacks against their foes. The world edges closer to catastrophe. In future years the rising power of China and India could further wound U.S. pride and self-confidence, and further ratchet up global tensions."

Jeffrey Sachs, Common Wealth, Economics for a crowded planet, chapter "Common challenges, common wealth".

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Davy said...

if you add that recently converted people are the more fanatics, then you understand how in deep merde we are...